Chess & Checkers Board Game

Chess & Checkers Board Game

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Ridley's Chess & Checkers Game

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This nostalgic set of Chess & Checkers will provide hours of fun for the whole family.

With a retro checked board for play, together with counters, chess pieces and instructions, these two games of skill are perfect for a rainy Sunday afternoon or school holidays.

Chess is a popular game of strategy for 2 players and has been enjoyed by millions around the world for years. Perfect for teaching patience, strategy and planning, players aim to "checkmate" the opponent's King.

Checkers, otherwise known as Draughts, is a simple and easy game for two. Players start with either white or black counters on the board, with the objective being to take all your opponents counters by diagonally jumping over them. 

Both games are easy to pick up and the skills learned will last a lifetime!


  • Classic checker playing board
  • Chess & Checkers counters & pieces
  • Full playing instructions are included
  • Retro packaging
Additional Information

Additional Information

Age Range Age 6+, Age 8+
Caution! Not suitable for children under the age of 6 years
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Dimensions 26cm x 39cm x 5cm
Material Wood