"Santa's Been" Present & Door Tape - 5m

"Santa's Been" Present & Door Tape - 5m

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"Santa's Been" Present & Door Barrier Tape

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This fun pack of "Santa's Been" Tape will let you barrier doors and presents on Christmas morning from peeking eyes! 

5 meters of plastic tape is included and it features festive phrases such as "Santa's Been", "No Peeking", Hands Off", "Ho Ho Ho" and "No Touching". Perfect for attaching to door frames or out of bound areas with presents, this fun tape will create an old fashioned sense of excitement on Christmas morning!


  • 5 meters of thin, plastic Barrier Tape
  • Can be cut to size
  • Fun, festive phrases include "Santa's Been", "No Peeking", Hands Off", "Ho Ho Ho" and "No Touching"
  • Perfect for adding your finishing touches to gifts and door frames on Christmas Day


Additional Information

Additional Information

Age Range Age 3 - 5
Caution! Choking hazard
Delivery Options Available: Standard Delivery, Express Delivery
Dimensions 5 meters in length - can be cut to size
Material Plastic